Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yummm... Yummyummmm...Yummmmm :)

It has been a while I haven't been around and had any time for crocheting (let alone blogging), but I thought I should share my excitement today with some culinary experiments (heheh...) of mine. Been so fascinated with Middle Eastern food lately and tried to make for a first time two recipes myself... the result is so yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyy!!!!! :) that I thought I should share something good with others. I am not sure even if I can spell or pronounce the dishes correctly... tabouleh salad (this one is pretty easy) and Mjaddara (however it is pronounced). Both are so healthy - I have never ever cooked before with bulgur and am so fascinated with my new discovery.

I looked up the recipes from the how-to-make videos of a charming, talanted and increasingly popular youtuber lady - Maha... I am posting the links below... so, now... next thing on my list is to try make my own home-made hummus and pita bread... yummmm yummm yummmm.... :) 

Maha's Tabbouleh Salad

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