Sunday, March 16, 2008

Little Black Drops Dress

It has been quite a while I haven't posted much of anything... :) but I kept myself busy with some knitting. I am finally done with my Little Black Drops dress (made it in black). It turned out truly so, so pretty... only the wrong size!!!! Ever had that same experience??? The gauge was right, following the pattern description exactly and there it was... way too large and huge for me. Hmm, kindda makes you scary to try again another knit dress :) Anyway, it is still quite pretty and I have decided to do some serging on the sides that will bring it closer to my curves. Will post some pics of it later, as it is still air drying flat. To be continued....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Knitty's Dahlia completed :-)

Here is a slideshow of my Dahlia completed. It came out alright. Somehow the LLI and RLI in the instructions didn't quite work the same as shown on the original pics in Knitty... I got small eyelets for the raglan lines. Anyone else came across the same phenomenon too? Hmm... another thing... the beaded bindoff... as described... never worked either, so I resorted to my good old crochet hook and technique to get the picots neckline and sleeves' edge. I put an i-cord for the empire waist and it works great for me.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Green Dahlia

Well, I had started off the year with a new project. My tweedy light green Dahlia.

:-) I was secretly hoping that the next SKC' KAL would be of the Dahlia and for once I would be able to join one timely... oh well, as it looks like it is falling quite behind Marnie McLean's beautiful designs at the poll. :-) I will post some pics of my project later. To be continued.... :-)