Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kate Hudson's Sexy Beach Crochet Hotpants

Yeayyyyyyyy!!!!! Aren't these hotpants gorgeous?!! I am frantically digging through all my crochet mags and stashed stitch patterns for something similar that I can put together and improvise in making my own skirty beach hotpants... hm... granma's pineapple tablecloth watch out...

... alright, here I found a good close-up of the hotpants and a crochet scheme of the pineapple motif that comes very close and could be used and/or readapted.

... ok, maybe this scheme could be adjusted and used as a basic pattern for the left and right pant legs so then we would have a center seam in the front and back... with some swatching, adjusting and sizing anyone could make their perfect fit crochet beach hotpants... good luck and enjoy! :)


WOW!!!! Here is what I found!!!! You can get Kate's crochet pants on eBay!!!! Just type "crochet shorts" as a search term and you will come right across it!!!! :)


pavs said...

isn't there a tutorial on how to make these shorts?

K_Bear said...

hello, do you have a pattern for these shorts? they are adorable!

frivs said...

so beautiful!