Sunday, April 10, 2011

Emilio Pucci Spring Summer 11

... well, here is a little digression from my crochet-mania... isn't that a stunner?! I think I would love to make one, but tweak it again lengthwise... and in black it would be beautiful!

One could buy the original here.


WillatSafkhet said...

Since no one of reasonable income can afford the original, is there a pattern for all those out there who want to make it? Do you have any suggestions where to find similar patterns?

I've just been "requested" by my wife to make her something like it.

me :) said...

Hi William, I am posting a link here to a similar dress that you could use as reference. Basically, I would knit it straight and for the deep neckline split the work in two in the front from wherever you want it to start, knit both sides separately and then start reducing for the triangular V-neckline on both sides. Try the link below and let me know if it opens.