Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Brazilian Ruffles Dress Update

Here is an update with where I am right now with my flouncy Brazilian dress. I am advancing slowly with my variety of ruffle layers and am quite happy and excited by how it is all coming out. In fact, I am really glad I decided to improvise and modify it as fancy strikes me as I go adding layer after layer... :)


Mellissa said...

Hi! I just came across your blog, and all I can say is WOW! I love that you too see beautiful designer crocheted items and try to recreate them for yourself. I would love to make the flouncy dress, but how did you come up with the pattern for the body?

Thanks ~ Mellissa

me :) said...

Hey Melissa! :) Thank you and glad that you like my blog. I have finished this dress and it is beautiful. I have to take a pic and post it. Been so busy lately and no time for blogging neither crocheting, but I will do post soon pics of the finished item. Now for the pattern of the body - start from the circumference right below your breast (I do usually make a chain and measure on myself as I go), then start crocheting back and forth (don't close in a circle) as you may need some opening left for either a zipper or in my case I threaded a string in the back so I can regulate the width. Then you will be crocheting top down and it is up to you and the yarn and hook size that you use to determine and decide what pattern shape of the skirt you want. Since I don't have anymore much of a waistline, I prefer empire waistline silhouettes for all my dresses and you will have to improvise... divide and put markers in four equal spots (mid-front, each side and mid-back) and start increasing evenly at these spots every so many rows (I did it every 9 rows). Measure as you go, if need be go back and rip off what you don't like... :) once you have the netted body of the dress you start with the flounces as fancy strikes you. You can use the exact same pattern for all your flounces or as I did make a "sampler". I am still learning myself alot as I go by doing. Hope it helps some. Have fun and enjoy! :)

me :) said...

forgot... after you are finished with the skirt and flounces then you start the bodice part from the top of the skirt body up.