Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flouncy Brazilian Dress

Here is my latest crochet project that I had started, inspired by the amazing and awesome silk crochet designs of Brazilian designer Vanessa Montoro (

I loved in particular the layered ruffle dresses and wanted to make me one for quite a while now. Aren't they just gorgeous?????

So I have been itching for quite a while to make me a crochet dress with flounces something similar to her styles, but was having hard times figuring out the technique until I discovered this pretty dress from a Brazilian website - with a pattern description and motifs there.

So here we go - I started mine...


Lindsay said...

how did you translate the pattern for the Vestido Verde Água? I tried google translate, and I still don't understand the pattern... help!

me :) said...

Hi Lindsay,

Sorry for answering so late, but haven't been here for months. Basically, just go ahead and make a base net shape that fits your body type on which then you will be attaching the flounces. As I have no longer waisteline, I made it A-shaped from below my bust line (empire waist), then just start increasing evenly over every so many rows. When you get the desired lenth, just grab any crochet pattern lace pattern and start improvising with the flounces. I will try to post soon the patterns I used in a new post.